U.S. National Privacy and Cybersecurity Podcast

64 | The FBI’s Novel Approach to Eradicating Malware: Search & Seizure on Company Computers

Episode Summary

This week, we are joined by three cybercrime experts, John Bandler, Scott Giordano, and John Bates, to discuss how the FBI is obtaining court orders to enter companies' computers and seize harmful malware — and take other actions — in a new approach to countering cybercrime. The FBI’s Cyber Division coordinated with the UK and private companies to disrupt a two-tiered global botnet of infected devices controlled by a cybercriminal aligned with the Russian Intelligence Unit GRU. This episode’s guests are: John Bandler, Founder, Bandler Law Firm PLLC John G. Bates, Manager, Ernst & Young LLP, Cybersecurity Scott M. Giordano, V.P., Corporate Privacy, and General Counsel